Every time you make a payment through November First, the money must be transferred from your account to a November First account located in the same country as your bank account. That way, you avoid paying the huge fees your bank charges for a cross-border transfer.

What is NETS Overførselsservice?
We know how difficult it is when you have to login to your online bank and transfer the amount to November First, every time you make a payment. This is where an agreement with NETS Overførselsservice comes into the picture. Once you have entered  an agreement with November First as a data provider, we can tell NETS what amount to draw and where to send it.

How do I create a NETS Overførselsservice Agreement?

  1. Go to the NETS Overførselsservice website and click "Opret aftale".

  2. Fill out fill out the form.

  3. Sign the agreement online via the link you receive by email. *

  4. Wait 3-4 days and you will receive an email when the deal is set up.

*In the case where your bank don't accept online signature (some still don't), you will instead receive an email from NETS with the agreement you must sign and forward to your bank.

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