Generally, it depends on how early you transfer funds to November First, the bank of the recipient and the path for the payment to arrive there. 

EUR transfers within the SEPA countries are available on the recipient account during the next banking day.
SEPA covers member states of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco,  Norway, San Marino and Switzerland. 

If you chose "Express" for an EUR/SEPA payment, it will be available on the recipient's bank account the same day. 

Note this is only available until 12:00, and we need to have your transfer in our accounts around 12:30 latest. This means you and your banking partner needs to process the payment to us before this time. 


International transfers usually arrive on day 2 from the settlement date. Some banks are faster, while some are also slower. In some cases, where payments technically travel between a chain of banks, the arrival date can be later. 

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